Limited Opening Times

Hi there,

Due to some unforeseen staffing issues, we are going to be continuing to operate the University Bike Hub on limited Opening Times for the next few weeks. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Drop by at the following times for bike hire, to use our workshop tools, or ask about cycle training or travel advice.

Email us directly to make appointments for specific times or ask us questions during the times we are closed. We hope to resolve this issue very very swiftly and will update the site as soon as our solution is in place.

In the meantime the full range of activities the university Bike Hub offers still continues in conjunction with the university, college and student unions. if you need more details or information about any of the events listed below, please get in contact.

All college and university staff and students are warmly welcomed to the following activities:

Tuesdays have intermediate cyclist lunchtime rides, spin sessions for the cycling club in the evening.

Wednesdays have led rides either to Lister park or inside Lister park with cycling4all for cyclists of all abilities from novice to expert on a range of typical and adaptive bikes. From 11 November there will be a 3 week course rotation of basic bike maintenance at the hub in the evening.

Thursdays have University cycling club spin sessions in the evenings.

Fridays have brand new lunch time guided ‘look up’ Bradford tours setting off from the College Hockney building at 12pm

Saturdays have University(and college) Cycling club group rides in the morning

Sundays have UBU Hiking club led walks a couple of times a month


WC 26 October 2015

Monday 26  Hub open 12-4pm

Tuesday 27  Hub open 12-4pm

Wednesday-Friday 28,29,30 Hub closed

WC 2 November 2015

Monday 2 Hub open 12-4pm

Tuesday 3 Hub open 12-4pm

Wednesday 4 closed

Thursday 5 open 12-4pm

Friday 6 12-4pm

WC 9 November

Monday 9 open 12-4pm

Tuesday 10 12-4pm

Wednesday 11 closed

Thursday 12 12-4pm

Friday 13 12-4pm

WC 16 November

Monday 16 12-4pm

Tuesday 17 12-4pm

Wednesday 18 closed

Thursday 19 12-4pm

Friday 20 12-4pm

WC 23 November

Monday 23 12-4pm

Tuesday 24 12-4pm

Wednesday 25 closed

Thursday 26 12-4pm

Friday 27 12-4pm



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