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Spring into Cycling – Wednesday 4th March

Spring into Cycling

As spring approaches, the Bike Hub are here to help encourage you to get on your bikes!

On the 4th of March we have a day of cycling activities at the University and College.

Bike Breakfast – Cycle to Uni or College and get a £3 breakfast voucher from us just for cycling in! Come along to our gazebo with your bike and we’ll hand over a voucher! From 8-10am either outside Richmond Building (for Uni people) or outside David Hockney Building (for College folk).

Spring into Cycling Fest – Outside David Hockney Building from 9am-2pm we have a range of cycling activities and information stalls including:

  • Pedal powered scalextrics
  • Smoothie bike
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle blind spot
  • Cycle safety quiz
  • Maps and route information

Spring into Cycling

My Placement with Sustrans

A lovely guest blog from our Bradford College placement student, Stephen.

Work Placement with Sustrans

My name is Stephen and I am in the second year of my foundation degree in Physical Activity, Health and Well Being at Bradford College. I chose to do my placement with the Sustrans Learning to Travel Differently Project in Bradford. My last placement was at primary school and I didn’t enjoy it so I looked into other areas of exercise and fitness industry. I decided I wanted to work in health promotion and I remembered Sustrans from when a representative came in for one hour one afternoon during one of the lectures. I remember thinking “I wish I had heard of this initiative last year.” I spent ten weeks on placement with Sustrans.

The Things I enjoyed at Sustrans

The thing I enjoyed the most about my placement is the variety of experiences I had, no two days were the same. From events where I had to promote cycling and walking, to helping people make their own smoothie with the Bike Hub’s unique bike which blends smoothies using the cyclist’s energy, via assisting with Cycling 4 All events on a Wednesday afternoon. They gave me cycle training and helped me to cycle on my own on the roads with confidence which I haven’t done for a long time. From this I decided to buy a bike and have started cycling more!

The most enjoyable part for me was dealing with the public directly at stalls and open events, and promoting the Bike hub at Bradford College and University. People were asking me questions based on exercise and health which is directly related to active transport and cycling. This was a great opportunity for me to use my knowledge from my degree and put that knowledge into practice.

Most Challenging

I don’t really have anything bad to say about the work placement, but the most challenging part of my time spent with Sustrans was teaching a class. I designed a lesson plan (using the smoothie bike) to teach about fitness and nutrition and the group of College students I taught to were from the Pupil Referral Unit. Their behaviour was challenging, but I felt confident in my knowledge and ability and in the end it was a really great lesson. I have been asked to teach the class to other students from the College.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself! This placement has helped me to decide which area of the fitness and exercise industry I would be most suited to work in and it has to be promotion! I felt part of the team and valued as I got to input my knowledge and skills into the project. I had a fantastic time and as a result of this I am going to continue volunteering for the Learning to Travel Differently project at their events. The experience I gained has proved invaluable and couldn’t have been learnt in a classroom. Thank you Team!!


Stephen 2

Stephen 1

Postcard Pledge Winners – Julie

Well done to Julie from the University of Bradford – one of our postcard pledge winners.

Julie has won a £20 Sustrans voucher. She says “This will kickstart my aim of getting back out on my bike more. I’d like to do some cycling in Scotland this year and will use the voucher to buy some maps. I’m excited to get out in the fresh air!”

Want to go on some longer cycle rides? Check out for some routes!

Good luck Julie!Julie

Postcard Pledge Winners – Ryan

Well done to Ryan from the University of Bradford – one of our postcard pledge winners.

Ryan has won a £20 Sustrans voucher. He says “My pledge is to go to Cycling 4 All on Wednesday afternoons as often as I can. I like Cycling 4 All as I get some fresh aid and the chance to be outside.”

Want to come along to Cycling 4 All? We meet at the Students’ Union at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon and go to Lister Park to cycle around for a few hours. Check out for more information.

Well done Ryan!Ryan

Postcard Pledge Winners – Sarah

Well done to Sarah from the University of Bradford – one of our postcard pledge winners.

Sarah has won a £20 Sustrans voucher. She says: “I’ve signed up for the Skipton sprint triathlon in April and have already arranged to do some cycle training with my friend. In our faculty (Health) we have signed up for a fitness challenge – with a goal for four of us to walk 3,500 miles in 8 weeks. It’s been a great motivator for me and an avenue into fitness for others. It’s also made me think about changing my shorter car journeys to ones I do on a bike.”

Want to change some of your shorter car journeys to ones by bike? We offer free cycle confidence training from the Bradford Bike Hub. Email for more information.

Good luck Sarah!


Postcard Pledge Winners – Elaine

Well done to Elaine from the University of Bradford – one of our postcard pledge winners.

Elaine has won a £50 Cotswold Outdoor voucher. She says: “My aim is to cycle the Way of the Roses this year. I want to be fit enough to cycle from Morcambe to Bridlington and to enjoy it! I’m going to use the voucher to buy some proper cycling equipment.”

Do you want to do a long bike ride this year? Check out for some inspiration!

Good luck Elaine!


Walking Around Bradford

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My Walk around Bradford

On Friday morning I went for a walk around Bradford.

My supervisor sent me on an errand for the Bradford Bike Hub, where I am doing my work placement from Bradford College. She gave me a pedometer to count how many steps I took on the walk.

Health Benefits of walking

Walking, is free and the easiest way of building exercise into our daily lives. NHS guidelines recommend that each day we should walk at least 10,000 steps in order to see the health benefits of walking. Walking can help reduce diseases like Diabetes type 2, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and many others. It is also great for reducing stress and can help with weight loss. The best bit? Walking is free.

How to build walking into your daily life

The United Kingdom is increasing becoming more sedentary which technology (such as internet shopping) making it easier to do things without leaving the house. The health bill for medical and nonmedical costs are going up each year for illnesses caused by sedentary living.

Walking is a great way to build exercise into your daily life. It can be done anywhere and  is easy to fit in the daily routine. Also if you have a pet dog like myself, it can be a fun activity to keep yourself fit and helping your dog stay happy too. 10,000 steps is roughly 5 miles. An average person will only walk 3000-4000 steps a day which is roughly 2 miles which isn’t enough for health benefits.

Most people will rely on cars to get to A to B, but instead, why not try walking to places – especially if they are just short distances. It’s better for your health, the environment and your wallet. Instead of shopping online, why not go in person? You will cover more distance and increase your daily step counts by walking around the supermarket yourself looking for your groceries. In your lunch hour why not go for a walk after lunch to de-stress and get more activity in your day? Instead of taking the lift to get to floor to floor, why not walk up the steps instead? It’s healthier and it adds more activity than taking the lift.

In 1 hour I managed to walk more than 6000 steps according to the pedometer. This is roughly 3 miles of walking and felt a lot better for it too. This is how easy it is just to get more physical activity into the daily routine by traveling by foot in walking distances. Its free, gives you’re a breath of fresh air and nice to visit certain places in Bradford like the park and various other places too. Keep walking!!

Guest blog by Stephen Cleaver.

Walking and Cycling in February

Stuck in the office all day? Want to stretch your legs during your lunch hour? Then come and join us for a nice 45 minuet stroll around the local area. Our walks for this semester are as follows:

  • Thursday 5th February, Bolton Royd Campus, 1pm
  • Thursday 12th February, Student Central, 12pm
  • Thursday 19th February, Hockney Building, 1pm
  • Thursday 26th February, Atrium, 1pm
  • Thursday 5th March, Old Building, 12pm

Social Sky Rides are a lovely way to meet new people that are interested in cycling but don’t ride at a demanding pace. As the start of the Tour De France was held in Yorkshire with some of the route going through Bradford because of its nice scenery and challenging terrain we invite you to look at what rides the sky ride has to offer in the Bradford region with there being 3 levels of ride, easy going, steady and challenging there is a ride for everyone. You only need to fill out a small registration form for the ride that interests you and you’re ready to go.

sky ride

Sky Ride also offer women only rides which are labelled as breeze events, these are nice leisurely rides that are not as faced paced or as demanding as some of the existing social rides. Kids are sometimes also welcome on these rides so it can become a great weekend outing for the family. For a link to current breeze events in Bradford please visit the same with the social rides all you have to do is sign up online for the ride that interests you and turn up.