Try Cycling

Have you ever thought about starting to cycle but wanted a chance to try before you buy? Or perhaps you needed some extra moral support to get going?

Then take part in Bradford Bike Hub’s Try-Cycling. A scheme designed to give staff members at Bradford College and the University of Bradford an opportunity to have a go at riding a bike with all the support you might need.

It is essentially a free bike loan scheme for staff of all the Bradford Bike Hub Partnership.

Read what other participants thought in our Try Cycling Report: Bradford Try Cycling Report

Participants can sign up for:

  • A free high quality hybrid/ electric/ folding bike for 6 weeks (plus helmet, locks, lights and pannier bags)
  • Free cycle training for all abilities – including beginners
  • Motivational support from Sustrans and the camaraderie of others also borrowing bikes in the scheme.
  • A journey logging website
  • Goal setting sessions
  • Maintenance support
  • Route advice and anything else you need to get started.

Places are limited so to sign up or find out more email

Please download and share our leaflet

For more information contact 
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4 thoughts on “Try Cycling

  1. I have been out on the bike today.
    I rode it halfway up the hill int that brilliant? Who’d have thought. I went through the snicket and rode it and then on the quiet road and then walked into the park and rode surround the park.

    I had to negotiate bends and people.

    I could just not believe it. I then went on the quiet road and rode round a few times negotiating cars and bends.

    Then rode back through the snicket yep riding. Dismounted to get through the gate thing.

    I then even rode up Wilson road, dismounted to go round the corner of the road and then…. yep back on to go down the hill to my house. I managed half way down as I was a bit scared of the depth of the hill but it was great to freewheeling and feel the reward.

    I just can t believe it.

    I wanted you to know and cheers for riding the bike to mine yesterday.


  2. Had another fantastic lesson with Jennie today and enjoyed every minute of being on the bike! Jennie is an outstanding instructor and is helping me build my confidence to cycle after a 30 year lapse. I’m hoping by the end of the trial I will be a competent cyclist. Many thanks for giving me this excellent opportunity to develop my cycling skills.

  3. I went on another fabulous bike ride with Jennie on Wednesday evening along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. We cycled 5 miles and despite the heavens opening and coming back looking like drowned rats – I absolutely loved every minute! Now I understand what all the fuss is about and think I will encorporate cycling into my lifestyle!

  4. I went on the bike last Sunday morning.

    I got halfway up Elizabeth Avenue and was on it. I couldn’t wait.

    I got to the top of the road and walked round the corner as a fellow cyclist passed me I thought I want to do that right now so I got back on the bike and rode it a bit on the road but when I heard a van behind me I stopped but I stayed on and wheeled round to the quiet street.

    Ingot on the bike and rode round the streets didn’t t bother with the park this time.

    The sense of freedom is amazing and I didn’t get off for the traffic. I had plenty of room.

    I did come off the bike well kind of more headed for the kern at the wrong time but I wasn’t hurt well not badly and at least it took sway the fear of galling off.

    I seem to prefer to keep the bike in a low gear because I feel a bit more in control and it gives a good work put up the hills (I seem to prefer going up hill). Again I feel more in control.

    I just didn’t t want to stop riding the bike.

    I even went round the the little areas the cul de sacks on the way home so I didn’t t have to dismount.

    I then was determined to ride the bike the whole way down Elizabeth Avenue this time and I did without stopping. It was an amazing feeling.

    I was going to ride back up as well but didn’t quite do it but tomorrow…

    We will see…

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