Green Routes are lunchtime stress buster walks aiming to get you out of the office and into the fresh air for some gently exercise, and a much needed screen break!
Weekly led walks! 
We believe that walking is an effective and cheap way of travel. Walking has also been proven to increase concentration, cognitive function and abstract reasoning. So a short walk everyday will help you complete your daily task with ease. Walking has it’s own health benefits as gentle exercise is seen to boost your metabolism leading to weight loss and it helps keep your body and mind fit.

For more information, email info@bradfordbikehub.com or check out our Green Routes Facebook page: facebook.com/bradfordgreenroutes

Some of our routes:
Management Centre/ Bolton Royd Walk – 1 hour – https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zsG2pTc9ytSY.k8yD-Jm-kaY4

You can volunteer with our Green Routes Scheme.

Volunteer role descriptions: role-description-green-routes-volunteer

Application form: Sustrans Volunteer Application Form

Please email completed forms to: info@bradfordbikehub.com

For more information, or to contact us about anything hub related, email: info@bradfordbikehub.com

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